30 Jul 2023

Such an improvement!

The property is a new build some 18 months ago and of course the developer only landscape to a basic functional layout….this didn’t suit an existing customer of mine at all when the property was purchased, so a complete makeover was instrumented front and back, the customer had a clear vision of what they wanted and a local landscape designer came up with a plan to which i carried out with a few tweeks to suit,,¬† ¬†Final look was quite amazing giving the limited space.


10 Jan 2021

A small project for an existing customer, the side of the gravel driveway was starting to erode due to the constant turning of local vehicles clipping the edge of the drive, the customer wanted something different than a block wall so a gabion basket was installed on a concrete footing with metal box sections added. a large bump stop post was also inserted at the front to help…lets see you drive over that !!



10 Oct 2020

Well… this was an interesting project!

A much needed winter shelter was bespoke designed (by me) and built using strong sleepers as uprights and a corrugated sheet roof added, as this area houses the fire pit for cooking and sing-along/ teaching subjects a opening was created within the build to let smoke out but keep the rain from entering.

Even the local Owl appreciates it….well its almost real looking!