30 Jul 2023

Such an improvement!

The property is a new build some 18 months ago and of course the developer only landscape to a basic functional layout….this didn’t suit an existing customer of mine at all when the property was purchased, so a complete makeover was instrumented front and back, the customer had a clear vision of what they wanted and a local landscape designer came up with a plan to which i carried out with a few tweeks to suit,,   Final look was quite amazing giving the limited space.


10 Nov 2020

So…. an existing customer rings me and say… we have moved and want the garden levelled!

confronted with a gradient of 20:1 over 60m its a big task with a mini digger ( limited access)  clearance was initially done and old tree stumps removed, digging down in clay is always a lottery and yup a big 150mm land drain came to light, now going to be completely useless at the existing height, a temporary stone fill trench was installed to take away the immediate water, new drains will have to be installed when the conditions allow.

The first and main tier was created before winter set in to allow the sub-soil to start settling before being landscaped in the spring of 2021

This is an ongoing project to be completed in 2021



10 Sep 2020

An old uneven concrete patio was dug out and rebuilt from the subsoil up using fresh hardcore and then a modern Fossil Sandstone slab was laid.

A linear drain was added to assist winter rain run off.

A small evening patio was created at the top of the garden using some of the existing concrete slabs, timber sleepers were added to level things up.