01 Feb 2017

A beautiful out-look over the River Stour deserved a nice new patio to view it from!

After many layers of the dreaded concrete found under the existing tired patio was broke up and removed,new levels were graded to form a decent enlarged base to lay some new Umbra grey sandstone, the result transformed the area for many years to come.



28 Nov 2016

An old Gravel area at the rear of the property was transformed into a clean slabbed space suitable for outside entertaining, small slabs where left out and in-filled with Quantock 20mm stone to allow the customer to plant groundcover scented plants.


IMG_20161206_152047937 IMG_20161125_115411629_HDR IMG_20161207_125006684_HDR IMG_20161114_120452660 IMG_20161114_120441372 IMG_20161206_152047937 IMG_20161206_152101892  IMG_20161207_125055096_HDRIMG_20161207_124937232

06 Jun 2016

Well…. this lot took some sorting out! Confronted with a new extension the goal was to construct a new Sandstone patio on one level wrapping around the new extension (which was a converted outbuilding) Easy they said! Really…. what about the 4ft drop in between!. After digging out the excess waste to find the levels a retaining wall was built with concrete blocks at the back and faced up with natural and local flint along with second hand bricks from around the Estate (nightmare for the brickie my brother, as the bricks were of different size) All worked out well in the end with the Garden leveled off and seeded.


IMG_20160606_090918704 IMG_20160606_090933052 IMG_20160606_090907403 IMG_20160606_090908891 IMG_20160701_104008482 IMG_20160701_104013988 IMG_20160704_075656026 IMG_20160701_104003084 IMG_20160704_075632516 IMG_20160701_103951482 IMG_20160708_151043988 IMG_20160708_151307619 IMG_20160708_151255643



14 Jan 2016

My last project from November 15 to Jan 16, starting with the relevant planning permissions obtained by the Project manager. A tree surgeon came in to take out 4 trees and thick Rhododendrons, i then removed the stumps/roots to the bank area and leveled the top area, next up was a piling company who inserted the galvanized steel poles over 2 meters deep to obtain the correct loading pressure, the 6 piles are capable of taking 10 tons in weight when combined. A local steel fabrication company then built a frame and welded it to the poles, next was spreading 10 tons of type 1 stone and compacting it, some new slabs were laid to complete a hard perimeter edge. A new 4ft close board fence was erected by me with sleepers forming a retaining edge to the top of the bank.Ducting was installed for the Electricians to feed a  cable through to power the new Log Cabin. A Water feature was then installed  before the next specialist company came in to lay a resin/rubber surface. New work/store sheds were erected then finished off with myself erecting a 6ft close board fence to the front. The whole point of this project was to make use of a lost overgrown corner and erect a new Log Cabin giving much needed outside covered space for the children that use the Hospice, I would just like to add what a wonderful job the staff do for the children and could’nt ask for a better bunch of people to have the pleasure of being involved with.




IMG_20151120_134129032  IMG_20151126_104044657 IMG_20151120_134118909 IMG_20151125_104300525 IMG_20151125_104240323_HDRIMG_20151126_104054302   IMG_20151204_150638555_HDRIMG_20151201_115214113IMG_20151130_144101492IMG_20151214_120537148  IMG_20151216_100243089IMG_20151217_102955582 IMG_20151217_112242033IMG_20160113_080129135IMG_20151214_120545087IMG_20151214_120528620IMG_20160113_153242185IMG_20160113_153304517   IMG_20151219_111931722




09 Oct 2015

The final phase is now complete of a beautiful garden enhancing the recent build/renovation of a Bungalow in Broadstone, following the pictures through the front has been transformed from a build dump site to an attractive asset, the driveway was relieved of the tired tarmac and replaced with a decorative stone, moving to the back a Graphite indian sandstone patio was built over a natural purbeck stone wall, the pond was dug out and finished in the spring, the last phase has just been completed by adding stone edge borders followed by raised oak timber beds and an upright structure, a feature timber circle was installed giving a unique focal point to the corner of the property, using up the patio stone off-cuts a path was created connecting the patio to the lower seating area.finally Cotswold Cernery stone was added to give the garden a spacious and low maintenance appeal with well stocked shrub beds. The customers off this property have put in considerable time and helpful labour to achieve their goal and i believe few could argue its not been achieved!!!


IMAG0587 IMAG0859 IMAG0858 IMAG0595IMAG0160 IMAG0162 - Copy (2)IMAG0862 IMAG0861IMAG0864 IMAG0866IMAG0868 IMAG0872IMAG0869 IMAG0874IMAG0871 IMAG0877IMAG0881 IMAG0879 IMAG0875

20 Nov 2014

New Indian Sandstone paving laid to replace a collapsed concrete slab and retaining wall, new stone wall and steps built along with a new fence using air flow panels due to the property being subject to strong winds. Plenty of work with the mini digger on this job


IMAG0488 IMAG0489 IMAG0262 IMAG0245 IMAG0228 IMAG0244